Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wolf Protections Under Attack Again

So, Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska and will not be taking the title of V.P. in January; however, we must not forget about her. She is still Alaska's governor, and she will still launch attacks on wolves.

Next up is Obama to move into the White House in January and to become America's first black president. While he appears to be friendlier toward the environment and wildlife, how will his financial policies affect all of us? If America has put in a more environmentally responsible president but that president is not so socially or people friendly (think finances, taxes, your net pay, and consequently, your ability to fund the causes that you believe in), how are we any better off?

Time will tell. As for me, I would like to know where my hard-earned money is going, and I want to be the one who chooses who my money helps. Of particular concern to me is my continued ability to support Defenders of Wildlife and Earthjustice in their efforts to protect wildlife, in particular, wolves at this time. If I'm being taxed more than I am now, it will be like receiving a paycut, and if I'm bringing home less money, how can I afford to continue to fund causes that matter to me? I am an environmentalist, not a socialist.

That being said, President Bush apparently desires to be remembered for many things as he exits the oval office this January - many of which are not good. He is at it again when it comes to wolf protections.

Yes, you heard it right. This is not the same assault that was launched by the Bush administration earlier this year. Bush is again trying to strip wolves of federal protections.

Even though the prior attempts have failed, the Fish and Wildlife Service has once again presented with another murderous proposal. The most recent proposal will permit the killing of nearly 1,000 wolves in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

We need to be a voice for wolves everywhere. Please let the Fish and Wildlife Service know that northern Rockies gray wolves deserve a place on the Endangered Species List.

Also please support Earthjustice and Defenders of Wildlife in their efforts to fight on behalf of the wolf. Thanks to Earthjustice's efforts, a federal judge previously ruled in favor of gray wolves. That was in July of this year. That federal judge found the proposal to be illegal and found several flaws in the Fish and Wildlife Service's proposal. We need the same results, and Earthjustice will once again come to the aid of our wolves.

We cannot allow anyone to take wolves off of the Endangered Species List. If this fight is lost, it will result in the reinstatement of wolf hunts and all out slaughter in the states of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana.

Everyone agrees that they would like to see wolves come off of the Endangered Species List; however, they need to come off of it under the right conditions. The right conditions include their restoration to the point of being nowhere near threatened or extinct, and they need to be safe.

Presently, there is a decline in wolf population due to aerial and ground hunts, trapping, poisoning, and all other heinous means of killing that wolf haters can come up with and get away with. Ideally, 2,000-3,000 wolves minimum is required to allow for genetic exchange between Yellowstone's wolves and wolves throughout the northern Rockies. From there, the creation of laws that would keep wolves out of danger would be the best case scenario. We are not even close to these conditions at this time. However, we can reach our goal of wolf recovery if we continue in this fight to prevent mass slaughter of the wolf, as seen in the 19th century.

First, we must win the battle at hand. Secondly, if we are to prevent 19th century mass slaughter of wolves, we must educate everyone concerning the wolf and its true behavior. Education is essential to prevent 19th century mentality concerning this issue because it is 19th century mentality that makes these occurrences possible. Lastly, we must continue with public education and never let our guard down concerning this issue as modern society continues to villainize the wolf - - in our news (newspapers, news reports on television and internet, and even in Hollywood).

For the time being, it is first things first. Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service that you oppose the delisting of gray wolves and that you intend to Save the Wolves Now!