Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Wolf Killed

One of the rarest in the world - a Southwest Mexican wolf (also known as a "lobo") who scientists gave the designation of "F836" - has been added to the list of wolves that have been caught in the crossfire, literally, of the wolf debate.

The Lobo bearing the ID of F836 had been raised in South Salem at the New York’s Wolf Conservation Center and then released into her native habitat in Arizona late last year.

However, in sad news, a poacher killed her just two months after her release into the wild and then dumped this poor Southwest Mexican wolf (as though she were garbage) along a road near Pinetop, Arizona. While this story is very sad, there is more tragedy ahead for the others just like her if wolves don't get the treatment and protection that they deserve.

We must take steps to fight lawless wolf haters and killers such as the one who has senselessly and shamelessly killed this lobo. Action must be funded in the courts to put an end to mismanagement of the lobo recovery program and support effective on-the-ground education, organization and conservation efforts to save lobos like F836, not to mention other endangered animals.

Lobos like F836 are the most endangered wolves in the world. In fact, they are so endangered that only 52 lobos -- with only two breeding pairs of these Southwest wolves -- now exist in the wild.

According to the Fish and Wildlife Service, illegal shooting was the leading cause of documented loss of lobos in 2008.

It is time to start going after hateful, lawless wolf killers!

We all know that there is a better way to manage wolves in the southwest. Recently, progress was made by an important initial legal victory to return wolf management responsibilities to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and to end the controversial “three-strikes” rule that has led to the unwarranted killing and removal of lobos from their natural habitat in the wild.

Only 52 lobos remain in the wild, and the fight to save these rare and deserving wolves from extinction will be an uphill battle, but it needs to be done because there aren't many left.

Your compassionate contribution to Defenders of Wildlife will help pay for rewards to bring the killer of wolf F836 to justice and will assist in the prosecution of the criminals who kill endangered wolves.

Time is of the essence. Please Save The Wolves Now!