Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wolves Made Out To Be Villains Once Again

I cannot believe this is happening again! It has taken years and years of hard work, funding, and legal battles to reintroduce the wolf into our country again. Then, Bush - in all of his infinite wisdom - takes it upon himself to make yet another destructive decision. Ahhhh, apparently, he feels that he is running out of time to upset and offend everyone in the United States. In his last year of presidency, why not make sure that no stone goes unturned? How about an assault on animal activists and conservationists? I'm sure it isn't the first one of its kind; however, he has opened up yet another can of worms.

This country loves its canine companions. We love our dogs. Did you know that our furry friends are ancestors of the wolf? That is why it is no mistake that I refer to wolves as ours. They are our own, and we must help them. Without them, we would not have our dogs with us today, and if we turn our backs on our wolves, we in some measure fail our canine companions as well. For, if our canine companions could comprehend the upcoming slaughter of their extended family (wolves), they would surely take action, and they would fight to the death to save our wolves.

With time running out with the current administration, what does the unforgettable duo of Bush/Cheney do? Take away the protections of the wolf in this country again. It never ceases to amaze me what Bush can actually get done when he wants to get something done or how quickly he can accomplish such a task.

Between the lack of education and understanding of wolves and ranchers, the removal of the wolf from the endangered species list was inevitable. This has left our wolves helpless to hunters and aerial gunning - or worse. This should not surprise anyone who resides in this country - Slaughter is one of Bush's specialties.

A recent announcement gave federal rule to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming to move forward with plans to legalize the hunting of these amazing animals ... this action will doom the future of the ancestors of our canine companions.

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