Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wolf Hunt Halted - For Now

GREAT NEWS! ! A Federal Judge has made a ruling in favor of Earthjustice's request to stop the wolf killing while their case concerning the delisting of wolf protections pends before Court.

What this means is that wolves are once again protected under the Endangered Species Act while Earthjustice and other organizations fight to have this right restored to wolves.

The fight is not yet won. Earthjustice's attorneys in their Northern Rockies office will continue to fight for wolf protections. Please consider offering your support to Earthjustice, Defenders of Wildlife, and any other organization that you know of that are committed to restoring wolf protections.

Thank you Earthjustice on behalf of wolves - and we who love them - everywhere.

Until then, save the wolves now!


MistaiBlueWolf said...

Allow the Howl ! Judge Molloy should place Ron Gillette under a gag order. He spreads hatred and shows ignorance and lack of compassion for these magnificent animals. OMG if life exists on other planets....I hope he is never a representative of human life. There is room in the world for all. MBW

MistaiBlueWolf said...

Allow the Howl !!! These magnificent animals deserve life ! Ron Gillette, and others like him lacking in wolf education and probably brain cells and most definitely human compassion should be gagged and restrained from trying to spread their hatred. OMG if there is life on other planets I would hate for them to ever represent human life on earth. Mistai Blue Wolf