Friday, October 10, 2008

Palin Wolf and Pups Video - Illegal Kill

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin's Illegal Hunting and Killing of Adult Wolves and Denning of Pups (See video posted below, and please be sure to forward to everyone you know)

Defenders of Wildlife has exposed more of Palin's wolf-killing record. This time, the details are far more disturbing than anything up to now. Most likely, that is because this is a story that has been conveniently buried from the public. Read on, and you will see why:

Just this past June (2008), 14 adult wolves were chased and gunned down through the means of aerial hunting by Governor Palin’s Department of Fish and Game. Not only did this helicopter slaughter exhaust and kill adult wolves, but this kill resulted in the execution style kill of 14 orphaned wolf pups. They brutally shot each one in the head. This practice was in clear violation of state law. State law prohibits "denning" which is the practice of targeting wolf pups.

This bit of trivia has somehow escaped public attention. Understandable, given the nature and brutality of what happened. Clearly, Palin’s officials wouldn't release such goings-on to the public. Though there was a press release on June 30, 2008, made by the state of Alaska to the local press. Of course, no mention of the brutal pup executions was made. In fact, and worse yet, as of the time of writing this, none of the officials involved in the incident have been held accountable. Does Governor Palin promote the corrupt idea that those in government positions and those who make the laws can also break those laws?

I don't understand it. Governor Palin's roles as wife, mother, daughter and her accomplishments as a woman should make most women proud and be an example . . . and yet, there is this savagery playing out behind the scenes of your everyday "soccer mom" persona.

The election is upon us, but don't let the outcome of this election cause you to forget Governor Palin's wolf-killing (and wolf pup-killing) record. Yes, she could be just months away from the White House and even from the presidency, should dire circumstances take place in the future. However, regardless of the outcome of this election, Governor Palin needs to remain at the forefront of our minds as a serious threat to our wolves and wildlife overall.

Please support Defenders of Wildlife in their mission to spread the truth concerning Sarah Palin’s disgraceful record on aerial killing. Also, please be sure to take a look at their latest information TV ad / commercial concerning her heavily promoted and encouraged slaughter of wolves and their pups. I don't know about you, but I'd like to see aerial gunning done away with permanently, and I certainly want to see our wolves - and their pups - protected. At this link, there is a form available to assist you in forwarding the video to everyone you know.


In the final weeks of this very close election campaign, please remember that you can make a lasting impression and a powerful difference. And after the campaign, please don't forget that we need to Save the Wolves Now!

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