Friday, March 14, 2008

Save Our Wolves - Aerial Hunting

While this video reflects what has been going on in Alaska with regard to the aerial hunting of wolves, it accurately reflects what proposed legislation right here in the U.S. will permit. It is just one of the ways that the ranchers in the U.S. wish to once more eliminate or reduce the wolf population. This happened once before, and we cannot let it happen again, friends.

Please educate yourselves about our wolves. They are ancestors of our dear canine friends who share our homes and our lives with us each and every day. We open our hearts and homes to canines who we make honorary family members. How can we stand by and watch our wild dogs be treated this way? !

Every time you reach down to pat your dog's head, please recognize that our wolves are in danger. Imagine your dog in the same predicament as above, and you will realize the unfairness and inhumane treatment of our wolves. Please do not stand by and watch this impending slaughter take place. Let's show some measure of loyalty to our canine friends while there is still hope.

Save The Wolves !

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