Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wolf Reintroduction - 10+ years ago

I picked up a fascinating and informative book today entitled "Decade of the Wolf - Returning the Wild to Yellowstone" by Douglas W. Smith and Gary Ferguson. This book talks about the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone some 10 plus years ago now and also documents up close and personal human interaction with these intriguing and now once more endangered animals.

Through tears, I read the following words as they were so prophetic (written some years back):

"Despite the dramatic success of the Yellowstone wolf reintroduction, no one can say for sure how these animals will fare in the long run. Their fates, after all, like the fates of most creatures, are connected to strands in the web of life over which they have no control." ("Decade of the Wolf" by Smith & Ferguson)

I am only on Page 8 of this book. In the pages before, I was moved by the authors' account of what it is like to come face to face with a wolf and how it is to lock eyes with these amazing creatures. I have had such experiences at Wolf Park in Battleground, Indiana, and I thought my feelings and reactions about it were maybe a bit "over the top" due to my compassion for and affinity with them; however, it appears that I was mistaken.

I encourage all who visit here to educate yourself about wolves. Get the real story about them. They are not harmful but are rather the harmed and placed in harm's way by those who fear and misunderstand them.

Until next time: Save The Wolves !

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