Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Alaska - Stop Upcoming Aerial Hunting of Wolves

In just two weeks, Alaska will have a vote - thanks to the powerful Safari Club International and Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration who put hundreds of thousands of dollars into an effort to kill hundreds more wolves - to continue Alaska's aerial hunting program.

We cannot let this happen. We must do something to stop the power of their money. We can’t let their money buy this vote. Help Alaskans for Wildlife pay for ads in Alaska newspapers educating others about this situation and the upcoming vote.

We must continue our fight to protect wolves everywhere. Please help Alaskans for Wildlife -- a local, grassroots coalition of activists, hunters and citizens -- Defenders of Wildlife, and Earthjustice continue their fight to keep wolves safe and alive.

Alaska is out of control when it comes to the slaughter and outright murder of wolves. In just 2008, Alaska is responsible for gunning down 124 wolves by way of aerial hunting!

Alaska is responsible for the deaths of nearly 800 wolves by aerial hunters in the last five years.

In summer of 2008 - just this summer - Alaska is responsible for the murders and slaughter of 28 wolves who were killed near their dens! That includes wolf pups - 14 of them! - who were illegally killed by its state officials.

Time is running out! August 26, 2008, is the day! Alaskans will decide the fate of our wolf friends.

Additionally, I propose something further (since it all seems to come down to money and profit, doesn't it?): Educate every person you know - even if they are just nature lovers and have no opinion of wolves - about what Alaska is responsible for doing. In fact, it is time to get the word out about each and every state that brags about its natural beauty and lives off of drawing tourists who are nature lovers. Let everyone you know how these so-called "nature loving" states treat their nature and its natural inhabitants.

Let's face it. Ranchers really aren't afraid of wolves nor do they think that wolves are evil. They just don't want wolves around because ranchers want to kill their "steer" before a wolf does. When there are natural predators around (wolves for instance), the ranchers see it as the potential to jeopardize their bottomline, their profit, their income. It is all about the money, folks, so let's fight back - - by removing money from the equation. No more tourism dollars, no more Alaskan cruises, and finally, no more meat, leather boots or coats, etc. - - for the real hardcore activists among us.

I don't know about you, but I am willing to give up my time, money, trips to so-called "beautiful, natural" places, leather clothing, and even meat in order that we may once again catch the site of a wolf pack, wolf pups romping in tall grass, or to hear the howl of a wolf and the answering howl of another. I'd be willing to trade off most things in order to know that wolves still live and run free in the world that I live in. What about you?

Save the Wolves Now!

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helen hoang said...

i am a 13 year old girl from CA. my class is learning about this.We are going to write a letter to the congress man to help this situation. we want to make aerial hunting illegal because we believe that the murder of these innoncent animals is a terrible crime.