Friday, August 22, 2008

Alaska Voting in 4 Days

We need to stop the aerial hunting of Alaska's wolves and wildlife!
Four more days before the voting will take place. Tuesday, August 26, 2008, is the day!

I've been giving much thought to why such a large divide between wolf lovers and wolf haters. What is behind it all?! Especially the haters. The advocates of wolf slaughter. How can we as humans and part of the human race advocate such violent slaughter of any living thing and such close relatives to the canine companions that so many of us share our homes - and our hearts - with?

Is it the human's need for domination over all living things? Is it a human's need and desire to be at the top of the food chain? What is it? Is it that even among us humans, there are predators and prey? The human and the humane? What I am realizing that every person is a human, but not all are humane. Being a human is by birth; however, being part of humanity - a humane culture and society - is not a birthright. Note the picture above. This is what we are up against.

We who love and advocate for the survival, preservation, and protection of our wolf friends are lovers of all life everywhere. We are respecters of every living thing. We are not haters, hunters, or lovers of division, slaughter, and death.

The truth of the matter concerning the future of wolves and all other life forms is this: That if an aerial hunting, poisoning, or out and out slaughter of a human that was a relative, friend, or neighbor or even one of our pets was being committed or being voted on, even the wolf haters would take a stand - - they would say that is not humane and that it should be illegal. If a group of so-called humans gathered and began taking out entire human families, everyone would be outraged, and there would be no disagreement. Wolf lovers and wolf haters can all agree on that point.

However, what we cannot agree on is the value of the life of a wolf or any other living thing, apparently. Why is that? Who is behind the guns or poisons in this war against the wolf? Someone who likes to disguise his sociopathic behavior by calling himself a "hunter" or "sportsman"? Don't most research psychologists indicate that animal abuse, torture, slaughter, or killing should be viewed as behavioral warning signs and that it can be a predictor of future violence against humans?

So, that being said, aren't these hunters and sportsman really waging war on the human race? Isn't this our societal problem rather than that of the wolf's problem?

Wolves do nothing to humans. They are predators and definitely at the top of the food chain in the wildlife community; however, they do not prey on human beings nor have they ever. Unfortunately, we cannot say that of the human race. People just kill other people everyday. People simply slaughter, maim, and murder people every single day. Those are the ones we call criminals. Are the others who have a more dominant killing instinct the ones who go after each and every other living thing the moment its protections are lifted and some government official makes it "legal" to slaughter, maim, torture, and murder its species?

Isn't this whole fight about more than just the wolf? The lovers and the haters? Isn't this entire war between us and them indicative of the war that is waging in our own human society? The humane and the inhumane.

We have to fight back - to save the wolves but also to save ourselves.

This fight is about so much more than preserving the life of the wolf.
Take a stand on Tuesday, Alaska! We need every humane person to cast a vote and to make yourself known.

Save the Wolves Now!

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