Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sarah Palin TV Ad - Wolf Killing Record

It appears that everyone is coming together to support the wolves.

There has been an overwhelming response to the Defenders of Wildlife powerful TV ad highlighting Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's brutal record on aerial hunting of wolves. I want to join Defenders of Wildlife in thanking contributors (more than 4,500 caring wildlife supporters) for their support. As a result, the powerful Sarah Palin commercial has already been on the air in Ohio.

But we must not become lax or slow down. As you know, the wolf haters and those in support of their slaughter are many; therefore, we must continue to get the word out in an effort to grow the number of supporters in favor of keeping the wolves just the way they deserve to be: Beautiful and wild.

With additional help, Defenders of Wildlife can air the Palin commercial in Florida which is another important swing state. Can you contribute $40.00 or another amount to help run the Palin ad in Florida? As it is right now, Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin could be just steps away from the White House.

Please help Defenders of Wildlife be a strong voice for our wildlife. We owe it to the animals to get the word out on Sarah Palin's killing record and especially her stance on aerial hunting before it's too late.

Yesterday, the Defenders of Wildlife received calls from ABC, NBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and several Ohio newspapers -- all interested in the Sarah Palin TV ad that you're helping to run. Please donate today to help ensure that even more people know the truth about Sarah Palin!

Put Palin’s wolf-killing record on TV. I know that these are tough economic times for everyone, and you may think that you cannot make a difference with what you can comfortably give, but let me just show you what a huge difference a small amount can make:

$20: Part of one 60-second TV ad
$40: Two parts of a 60-second TV ad
$200: A full 60-second TV ad

We can all do something. Send out mass emails on behalf of the wolf. Put a signature line in all of your emails with links to support our wolf friends. Or give even just $5.00 today to the
Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund.

Together - you and I - we can Save the Wolves Now!

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