Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin's Wolf-Killing Record

We need to get the word out on Sarah Palin's wolf-killing record.

We are at war. Yes, we have military at war overseas; however, we are battling in America as well. Not just for our rights but for the rights of those who have no voice.

Sarah Palin has a brutal record of slaughtering wildlife, and she hopes to continue in her killing ways - - in particular, her very active and extensive promotion of aerial hunting of not just wolves, but bears also.

Unfortunately, it costs money to battle those who wish to do our wildlife harm. Not only does it cost Earthjustice attorneys to defend wolves in court, but it also costs wildlife organizations money to educate the public concerning this fight and the facts surrounding it.

Last week, Defenders of Wildlife released an informational video concerning Sarah Palin's record and stance on wildlife, wolves in particular. I created a link for it in last week's post, and it is available here for you to view. More than 68,000 people viewed the Defenders of Wildlife video which was posted at YouTube.

Defenders of Wildlife has now created a powerful television piece that will educate everyone concerning Governor Palin’s efforts to kill wolves and bears. But guess what? It will cost money to do so. Please, please, please help Defenders of Wildlife do what they do best: Defend wildlife! Don't forget that this is our wildlife, our country, and our world. We live here, and all forms of life deserve the right occupy this place with us. Moreover, we have a responsibility to care for and protect them.

As you may already know, running a television ad is not cheap. Defenders of Wildlife needs to raise $100,000 by September 17, 2008, to run their ad and support the work to provide a voice for all endangered wildlife. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5JZgtYy6oA

Please help get the truth out. It is the only way to educate people on issues that they may know nothing about. More importantly, it is our only hope to possibly change the hearts of those who think they know what is going on, and therefore, they are just fine with aerial hunting of these beautiful creatures. Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has proposed payment of a $150 bounty for the foreleg of each dead wolf. The aerial hunting program she vigorously promotes has already killed nearly 800 wolves. Sarah Palin has opposed efforts to save America’s polar bears from extinction, and she has fought against efforts to save some of the world’s most endangered beluga whales.

Governor Palin has sided with Big Oil, mining companies, wealthy trophy hunters, and other entrenched special interests in support of policies that would greatly harm and potentially cause extinction of the wild animals that we so treasure.

Sarah Palin affirms that she is pro-life and that it is a Godly position. Did God not create the animals? Are they not His creatures?

This is not an Anti-Palin Campaign. I am not an Obama supporter. The intention of this site is that of a Pro-Wolf and Pro-Wildlife Campaign. I am a supporter of so-called "lesser" life forms.

Join the fight for the wolves and all wildlife. They're not just my wolves and my wildlife. They are yours, too.

Support Defenders of Wildlife in their mission to save wildlife. Save the Wolves Now!

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Sarah Palin is the Cruella DeVille of the Election of 2008! and like all VILLAINS, GOOD will conquer over PALIN'S EVIL.
We are spreading the word about her cruel antics of denning, aerial hunting, wolf-killing and the endangerment of other wildlife. Thanks for all you do FOR THE WOLVES!